Thermal Scan Building Envelope

Energy Loss

Infrared thermal imaging is used widely to determine energy performance. If insulation is damage or missing the cost of energy use rises. A building inspection including an infrared scan can lower the energy use and cost. During a building inspection with a thermal imager other issues such as water leaks, air leaks and condensation can be found.

With an temperature difference of 15 to 20 degrees between the inside and outside of the building the thermal camera can easily detect any issues with the insulation. We can detect wet, compressed or misplaced insulation. In the winter the thermal image will show cooler on the inside and warmer on the outside where insulation is insufficient. The reverse is true for summer time.

Air leaks are similar in signature. These can be small leaks in the building envelope such as electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures. During winter months they may appear as cool streaks on the inside or warm on the outside. The opposite is true for summer months. These can be enhanced with a HVAC system and the returned closed off.

Infrared surveys are idea for refrigerated storage buildings also.

Moisture Detection

Water damage can occur in commercial buildings and homes and may cause damage as well as loss in property value. This moisture can come from plumbing leaks, groundwater, flooding and condensation. Infrared moisture detection is non-destructive and fast. Infrared scans do not detect mold but can be used to find moisture that may eventually develop into mold.

Wet surfaces will often appear cooler than the surrounding area. This temperature difference can be detected with an infrared imaging camera. These suspect areas can also be confirmed with a moisture meter.

The sooner the suspected area can be examined the better. Water intrusion can move quickly and maybe more difficult to find if the area is caused from rain or snow and has a chance to dry.

Also see our page on Radiant Floors scans. Block wall scans can be inspected with infrared imaging also.

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