Infrared Aerial Imaging with Drones in Texas

Infrared thermography with drones has become effective in inspection in the commercial and industrial area.

Map moisture in large roofing systems with drones.

Commercial roofing systems can absorb moisture and this moisture can become trapped which can become a problem later on.

During the day the sun heats the roofing material and when the sun sets the roofing begins to cool. The areas with moisture will stay warmer longer due to their higher mass. Our infrared imaging can easily detect this.

Thermal infrared with UAV is an ideal way to scan large roofing systems and multiple roofs and roofs with limited access.
UAV infrared room imaging

Infrared roof scan using drone

Infrared roof moisture scans with drones works well on larger roofs. Some of these would be shopping center and shopping malls, university and schools and large commercial buildings.

Detect hot areas in solar panel systems.

We can scan large areas in a short time period of time while the panels are in normal operation. The scan can find overheating cells on individual panels which can hinder the performance of the system.

Visual inspection of telecommunication towers.

Drones are ideal for inspecting towers. No need for personel to climb the structure makes it much safer and can be done faster than a person.

Drones can also be use during building construction or repair to monitor progress. Also to inspect existing buildings. No need for scaffolding and safer and save cost and better documentation

Bridges can be inspected without detouring traffic or using other costly access.

Our partners have pilots with a FAA license. Also Spanish speaking so trips to Mexico are an option for clients there.
We service all Texas now we can offer nationwide coverage.

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