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Infrared Thermography

Measuring temperature variations with a camera is called infrared thermal imaging or thermography. This technique uses a thermal camera to display the image of infrared radiation as temperatures and patterns that we can easily understand.

Infrared thermography non-destructive testing (NDT) is an important tool in the commercial and industrial environment. It is a great for inspection and troubleshooting many aspects of a building. Typical inspections are of electrical equipment, roof leaks, moisture intrusion, mechanical systems and energy loss.

Applications for infrared thermal imaging surveys are found in almost every aspect of every industry.

Some infrared applications

  • Block Wall Scans – Locate missing grout in concrete block walls (CMU).
  • Mechanical Thermal Imaging – Thermal scan mechanical and rotating equipment for heat from friction of worn parts.
  • Moisture Detection – Locate moisture from leaks from plumbing or the environment in walls and ceilings.
  • Electrical Equipment Infrared Scan – Check panels, switches, transformers,  MCC for hot spots caused by overloads and loose connections.
  • Infrared Roof Moisture Survey – Locate wet insulation in flat/low slope roofs with and infrared scan.
  • Building Envelope – Scan building structures for missing insulation and air infiltration to help  with energy cost.
  • Tank and Sludge Levels – Tank inspection to locate levels and if any sludge exist in the bottom portion.
  • Radiant Floor Heat – Infrared is the best way to locate leaky tubing in floor heaters and also to locate the lines before drilling is done in the concrete.

Infrared radiation is in a range from 0.8 to 15 microns, just beyond visible, which the human eye cannot detect. Typically in the field of inspection the range is from 8-14 microns which is long wave or LWIR.

thermal radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum (from Wikipedia)


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