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Infrared Thermography

All objects emit electromagnetic radiation which is detected with a thermal imager. These imagers then can display the radiation as a temperature and patterns can be detected.

Thermal imaging (infrared thermography) can be used for many applications such as inspecting electrical equipment and building diagnostics. Electrical equipment would include main distribution panels and main disconnects, lighting and receptacle panels, disconnects and motors.  Building diagnostics include moisture in flat roof insulation, building envelope insulation, moisture intrusion and air infiltration.

Other areas include concrete block walls (CMU) and condition monitoring or process equipment. Block walls can be inspected for missing grout. Rotating equipment and machine that are subject to friction before failure should also be monitored.
Thermographic inspection is non-destructive and requires no contact.

Some infrared applications

United Infrared

Advanced Infrared is a member in good standing of the United Infrared Network, which is the largest network of multi-disciplined infrared contractors in the world. As a member, we receive support for our customers from industry experts with decades of combined experience.

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